Monday, November 9, 2009

Make it work Mondays!

Oh.My.God. I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. I had a strange weekend. I was tired the whole time and nothing I put on looked right at all which threw off my whole mood. Whatever.

I thought it would be a worthwhile experiment to try to push myself on Monday mornings in order to coax my lazy ass to get out of bed. I'm calling it "Make it work Mondays" because I like alliteration and because every Monday I'm going to wear something that I probably wouldn't normally wear.

This Monday is a HUGE risk: DRESS OVER PANTS.

Pretty scary. What can I say? I like to live on the edge. Needless to say, I am generally quite opposed to a dress over jeans. It really is a look best left to 1992 while watching my so called life and reading Sassy magazine.It's a strange silhouette.

I love this dress that I am wearing today but it is quite short and fitted. I am not Erin Brockovich so I feel a bit weird wearing it to work. I figured if I was going to try to rock a dress over pants it had better be a niceshort and form fitting dress to try to balance out the proportions a bit. This works I think. Although all I can think about it how cute this would look with black tights(not leggings-ack) and knee high black suede boots. I kept everything else simple so as not to appear crazy. As a special bonus make it work I threw on these earrings that I haven't been able to make work since I bought them months ago. It's a bit matchy matchy with the grey earring and the dress but still....IT WORKS.



  1. dress over pants = very good. one of my favorite combos cause it is cute and comfy too!

  2. Nice job on the photos, I especially like the last one :)

  3. I love a well-executed dress over pants outfit. I'm also stealing Make it Work Mondays for my own sanity! I stumbled into doing one today, and I'm feeling much happier than usual.

  4. Very well done dress-over-pants look, which I agree is hard to pull off! And you get bonus points from me for mentioning Sassy magazine ;)

  5. It's very cute! I think we share opinions on leggings (ack!) and dresses over jeans. I tried the dress/jean thing a couple of times in the last year, and I found that I really need to keep the leg long and lean (I wear heels with my jeans) and the dress fitted and short.

    Thanks again for stopping into my blog and commenting!


  6. very cute :-)
    and omg SASSY! How I loved that magazine - I only recently through out my many copies of it. I can still picture my favorite covers/editions in my mind. memories...


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