Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So nice I'm posting it twice.

No I did not wear this to work today. It's my wedding dress :)

I used to write a blog on myspace. It was alot of fun. It's how I met my husband so needless to say I'm glad I did it. I was going through it looking for some inspiration and I thought maybe I should just repost some bits and pieces. Only the stylish bits of course.
Marriage is so rewarding but sometimes easy to take for granted. I try my hardest every day to tell my husband how much I love and appreciate him but some days I forget-not stylish at all. I was thinking about my fabulous husband and reading through my old blogs(alot of which are about him/us for obvious reasons) and I have the biggest smile on my face. This is a repost of a poem that I wrote for him after an espescially "romantic" telephone conversation. Mui Caliente! Mui stylish!


My heart is hot with homeostasis

It has adjusted to your rhythm

A telltale tingle in the tips of my toes

tells me you're mine

Veins pumping bittersweet blood

At the sight of your sex

Immaculate alchemy envelopes every molecule

Lovely licks like liquid gold illuminate my lust

Glowing, gilded grunts of pleasure

Pronounce the promise of forever

Sparks inflame my swelling skin

Teeth pierce my flesh to find fireworks

Pyrotechnic pornography

Giving way to waves of pleasure

Watery, cool and calm

I sink into satisfaction

My Wedding dress is so amazing. Cream A-line 1960's vintage inspired mini with awesome square toe stacked heel pumps! Yeah!

Wedding dress-Le Chateau


  1. I have the biggest smile right now! :)
    I love you too, Onion!

  2. wow.
    gosh, i wish i could find someone that inspired me to write like that!


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