Friday, November 13, 2009

Thou shalt not covet they neighbors Blog.

Oh where to begin?

I have to say that I was discouraged by yesterday's lack of comments. I have been reading all sorts of amazing blogs lately by beautiful stylish women who clearly have tons of adoring readers and I let that nasty green monster get the best of me. Jealousy is not very stylish. I tend to be hard on myself and I think that maybe I seek more approval from others than I care to admit. Has anyone else experienced this when starting a new blog? It's kind of bizarre.

So I was moping around this morning feeling fairly overwhelmed and then I got this WONDERFUL compliment from Nika who has the most daring and original style. She writes a blog called Irie Chic and she nominated me for a Blog Award! To be honest, I'm not really sure what this entails but I am sure that it rules. More on this to come. ThankYouThankYouThankYou.

Despite my case of the grumpies, I did however still manage to look super cute! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you.....THE BEST T-SHIRT EVER:

I haven't been able to wear this bad boy for a while because it is super tiny and since I've just had a baby I was not super tiny at all. It fits again which is pretty sweet(p.s.much more to come on baby weight/body acceptance later on in this blog!)

I love it paired with these glasses. I bought it at a vintage clothing show for $4. That was the best $4 I have ever spent. The rest of the outfit is nothing to write home about. I wanted to keep all the focus on the HILARITY.

I may post something else later today. I have to write about my blog award and I want to do another "style shuffle" before the week is over so keep checking in!


  1. Oh I totally know what you mean!

    You were the first person who wasn't friend or family to actually be a follower of mine, and the only person who has me on their blog roll! I'm definitely not super popular at all, and I do get a little bummed when I see people with 300+ followers and tons of comments. Then again, those girls are WAY more stylish and have been blogging for longer, so I guess I cant hate =/

    OMG congrats on the blog award! That is so flippen cool =D yaaaay

  2. I commented yesterday, but forgot to do the captcha. Oops.
    I know how you feel about not getting a ton of feedback, but remeber when we blogged on Myspace? Just because there's a lack of comments doesn't mean there aren't readers. A counter will rememdy that. Besides, it takes time to built a following. I started off with around 10 followers and got up to 100+ subscribers plus occasional readers. Just keep doing you!
    I do like that tee! Don't remember seeing it before. It's giving me an idea for my octopus tattoo-minus the groucho theme though, lol.

  3. here's the deal. I love your blog AND I love your style... sometimes instead of being inspired, I get jealous lol. Im a hater. If there is no comment, it is because I rushed over to google my ass the same shit you were wearing. j/k (kinda). Seriously, I need the hook up.

  4. The glasses look cute on you!!

  5. I understand your frustration about wanting more comments. I also want more comments on Fashionable Academics. I think it will just take time.

    Also, I can't actually comment on your blog (or a lot of others on my own computer) because of the comment settings. It's frustrating to have to wait to use my office computer to be able to comment, and sometimes I just forget during the interim.

    You are rocking those glasses!

  6. who doesn't love feedbacks right ;)
    I totally get how you're feeling but it does take time to build a following that's why extra patience is needed..just don't worry about it to much and have fun blogging sooner or later you'll get there =D

  7. very cool shirt

    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  8. I love those glasses, and the shirt is awesomeness! Don't fret about lack of comments my dear... you have a fabulous blog here and as time goes by it'll attract more and more peeps to it. I think you're pretty darn popular for being so new! Keep on keepin' on, and I look forward to your post-baby body image posts. You better believe there are tons of ladies out there dealing with the same issues who would love to find someone to relate to!


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