Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bonjour. Je suis tres stylish.

I always secretly envy all of those beautiful french women who wear black all of the time. Some people can work black and neutrals so well and look so damn chic and simple. And then I come along with my neon pink nail polish and mustard yellow t-shirt and ruin it. Ohwell. It's who I am. I'm going to own it.

On that note, today's look is all black. I love this cute little dress. The detail is lost on my shitty bathroom pitures but it's a very sweet empire waist with a cute grosgrain ribbon under the bust and a nice full skirt. Of course, I had to tame the 'sweetness' of it all with this awesome necklace($3!) and leopard heels which I LOVE. I've seen a million pairs of leopard heels in my life but these are just right. I like how my hair turned out with the whole outfit as well. So I'm going to try to be as chic and aloof and 'fashiony' as I can in my all black outfit today. Aurevoire mes amis!


  1. Oh, I love your blog! You have such killer style..love it!

    I adore those leopard print heels! Meeeoow!

  2. I love how you've accessorized the black dress! I am a sucker for a good leopard print shoe, and you've nailed it with these beautiful pumps. Also, I love your hair! The braided detail adds some pizazz to the simple pulled back look.


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