Friday, November 27, 2009


Hey. This is what I wore yesterday:

I love it. There isn't much to say about it other than it's awesome. I suppose it's very Gossip Girl isn't it? Just like Mad Men, I've never seen Gossip Girl. And, Like Mad Men it's one of those shows that I'll watch for a few seconds if I'm surfing channels to see what whomever on screen in wearing and then move on. I'm sure Mad Men is a better show but I digress.... Oh and I love these shoes! They were made in the 1950's. Every time I wear them I am afraid they are going to fall apart but they have survived for years. Yay for well made shoes. I'm not feeling particularly talkative today. I'm taking a thrifting trip to Value Village with a friend this weekend so hopefully that will result in lots of lovely things to post next week! Ciao. Stay Stylish.


  1. Love the jacket, it goes well with the bow.

  2. great bow, jacket & tights! i love the colors together.

  3. Love it! You know I'm going to post this on my fb page for all my fashion girls to read.

  4. I loooove the blazer and the headband.

  5. Wow Hey thanks Everyone! I love the blazer too. I should wear it more often.

  6. First: You are beautiful!

    Second: I love what you're wearing. The tights kick it.

    Third: I share your love for those shoes. I wish my feets were small enough to wear vintage. Alas, I have Nimitz-class hooves and I can't get those tiny chausseures on them.

    Fourth: Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog a couple of weeks ago. I'm very slow in responding to comments because—apparently—I'm busy! Sorry if you were wondering about that. I was really flattered by what you said.

    Fifth: I really love your blog!

    Sixth: I'd like to add you to my blogroll, would that be alright with you?


  7. Ahhhh you look so awesome! I love it all =)


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