Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gypsies are STYLISH.

Hey folks. I hate my job. At first, it was cool to get back 'out there' after being at home with my son for a year. It felt great to have to get up everyday and put actual clothing on instead of yoga pants and a tank top(those were the only things that fit!)and have more exciting places to go than the park. Well....right about now I would KILL to be at home with my son. The lycra clothing I do not miss. I'm glad I have this blog to vent. Anyway, I do love this dress!

It's clearly a summer dress but I winterized it today because it was calling at me from the hanger. I bought it from this woman named Raine who is so mysterious and cool. She has long wild curls and an olive complexion...and lots of underarm hair :) She is always traveling the world looking for beautiful things to sell in her shop. She always reminds me of a gypsy. I styled this dress vaguely gypsy-ish in honour of her because this used to be her dress. I always feel quite fabulous when I wear it. It's got good energy.
I hope everyone has a great day. Don't let your shitty job get you down. I'll try and do the same. At least I'm STYLISH!

Dress-Vintage(Gypsy named Raine)
Belt-Vintage(Clothing Show)
Tights-Costa Blanca
Earrings-Courage My Love


  1. LOVE the dress.
    I went to value village yesterday trying to find an ugly holiday sweater for a school party... wound up spending an hour and a half digging... I remembered how much I love funky gypsy shit, and how good I am at finding it for dirt cheap. Thought of you... might post pics.



  2. Wow, Kermie, we were just talking about VV the other day, when we passed one nearby our apt.! Lots of synchronicity going on this week, Oni :)
    I loved the last pic. Would've been perfect if it was a mid-shot from head to thigh, but very nice outfit regardless. :)

  3. You are simply beautiful. I love clothes with good energy. :)

    ~Regina. rys

  4. You look great =)

    Shitty jobs (and working in general) suck, but at least you look good and are staying positive!

    I totally want to be a stay at home mom, just have to get a kid first I suppose . . . =P

  5. Hey thanks everyone! I seem to have caused a slight contraversy with my use of the term 'gypsy'. I should clarify that I was not really talking about actual Romani people(who are commonly referred to as gypsies) I was talking about the stereotypical version of what a gyspy know, the long skirts and shawls and hoop earrings and whatnot.


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