Sunday, November 15, 2009

"I'd like to thank my studded booties....without whom none of this would be possible"

Hi. so far this weekend I've worn Yoga pants and a tank top. Uh.... Yeah. Not that stylish but whatever. A girl has got to chill. It's 7:30 on Sunday morning. It's quiet in that amazing peaceful way that makes it okay to be up at such a ridiculous hour on the weekend.

So Yay! Someone likes my blog enough to give my an award. It appears that this means that I now have to share 5 guilty Pleasures. No problem. I've got lots of those:

  1. One word: GOOP.
  2. Peanut butter and cheese sandwiches. Actually, all kinds of strange sandwiches involving peanut butter(Peanut butter and lettuce, Peanut butter and beets. Peanut butter and mayo and lettuce....the list goes on. I think peanut butter makes everything better.
  3. The food network. I don't know if this is really that 'guilty' but I think the frequency with which I watch what is essentially food porn has got to be at least a little bit guilty.
  4. Bamboo earrings. I will wear them until I die. I don't care how trendy they become. They are the perfect accessory.
  5. Facebook. I actually really kind of hate Facebook but I CANNOT stop using it. A lot.

Whew. That felt good. It was cathartic.

Now, I am supposed to nominate 5 people whose blogs I luuuuve for the award

1) Curly Top. Witty and health conscious.

2) Yes and yes. So Charming and SO witty.

3) Samantha Simple. I just starting reading this but I was instantly charmed.

4) Faboo. She looks good in BLACK LIPSTICK. I am so jealous of this. And she lives in Buffalo.

5) Bright Side Dweller. She is the sweetest.

6) Healthy and Homemade. Two of my favorite things.

I know I'm only supposed to give 5 but I couldn't do it.I would have liked to give 50 of these things there are so many well done blogs that make me want to cower with jealousy.

Thanks again Irie Chic!


  1. Only a couple of weeks in and you got an award? I'm jealous! ;)

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  3. first of all, yay for you and your award, Onika! and thank you so much for nominating me :) I can't even begin to think of who to nominate...

    PS. Irie Chic is fabulous! I'm glad she gave you an award so that now I get to benefit from reading her blog too.

  4. Onika, congrats!! You totally deserve this award. I remember your post before, hehe, so I'm glad you got this! Definitely makes you feel good, and like people are reading!

    Also, thank you! You're so sweet for nominating me! Totally made my day, now I'm brainstorming who I'm going to nominate! lol =)


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