Thursday, January 21, 2010

Feeling Fiiiiiiiine.

I love this outfit and I don't care what anyone says. I think it's one of those looks that I love but other people might not get.

I love the contrast of the metallic vest with the black sabbath T-shirt peaking through. I love te shape of the vest too. I was even having a good hair day(yes I have bad hair days!) the cuff finishes everything off. This is consummate 'Onika' I would have done skinny jeans and booties or something but I had to make it marginally work appropriate.I still love it!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yay! (insert cheezy pun about the nice weather like "here comes the sun" or Happy days are here again" here)

It's a beautiful day folks! The weather is decidedly lovely. Sunny and Brisk without the pain of the last couple of weeks. This is great news for a clothes horse like myself. Nicer weather-bulky outerwear+more sun+better mood=Cuter Outfits!!

I love this look. This skirt is so great. I also love the way the dark brown boots work with the lighter brown tights. The t-shirt is probably a tad bit low cut and nude for work but whatever.

Speaking of nude....That last picture is supposed to be me feeling 'happy' but it looks more like me auditioning to be a human blow up doll. Hmm.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Make it Work Mondays!

I'm still alive and all of that. Thanks for sticking with me everyone. I think it will really be worth it! I promise!
Today is still 'make it work Monday' but in a much larger sense. I'm making it work by taking the time to do something for myself by putting together an outfit that I feel good in and posting something on my blog because it makes me happy.

I loathe winter wear. Winter coats ruin everything. They make me feel puffy and not very stylish at all. I found this bad boy on sale for $20!!!?!? I like the details and the belt makes me feel slightly less puffy than usual.

The rest of the outfit is pretty vanilla but it's comprised of some lovely pieces. I'm really in to the print and the collar of this shirt(which was $3 on a thrifting trip!)

My closet is in need of some MAJOR reorganization. It's amazing how much difference a well organized wardrobe can make. I'm sure there are great pieces lurking in my closet that I don't even remember exist. Wish me luck.