Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Style on Shuffle

Okay, an experiment:

In addition to being tragically stylish, I also love music. Yes, I know everyone loves music but I love it more. So there. I thought a really fun way to inject some music into this blog would be to put my ipod on shuffle and just see what happens. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you : STYLE ON SHUFFLE

Song#1: Adele "Hometown Glory"

Adele is so beautiful and definitely has a sense of style. A little bit safe and monochromatic for me but still very gamine and lovely. She also has the voice of a woman far beyond her years which is a good trick.

Song#2: Ghostface Killa "Love"

OhmyGod I love this album. I have to say that Ghostface really has no personal style to speak of. Unless you count the serial Killer mask which is daring There is nothing that pains me more than GROWN ASS MEN in clothing that nobody over 16 can pull off. Truth be told, he looks pretty ridiculous most of the time. Observe:

I rest my case. Wu Tang Forever.

Song#3: Rihanna "Don't Stop the music"

Ouch.Kind of embarrassing. I listen to this song when I'm working out so I'm allowed. It's funny how women(and maybe men, I don't know) listen to the crappiest music when we're working out but tell ourselves it's okay because it gets us moving. I'm kidding. Rihanna's fine I guess. first off, I'd like to take a moment to hate on her ugly Ballenciaga boot/sandal thingies:

Way too much.They have taken over the whole look. Except for the shoes she looks really great. This is right around the time that she started wearing what I like to call " some ugly shit". The thing about Rihanna is that she's absolutely stunning. Why detract from that? I think that having a well developed sense of style means knowing what makes you look GOOD not just DIFFERENT. Don't just shave your head and wear weird sunglasses and harem pants because Karl Lagerfeld or Whomever else said so unless they make you look GOOD. I'm on a

Song#3 Regina Spektor "Hero"

Oooh...Regina spektor has MAJOR personal style. Her music is always great on a cold day with a warm sweater and maybe some kind of cool vintage hat. Look at how awesome she is:

*Ha! I wrote that bit about wearing vintage hats while listening to her before I found this great picture of her wearing what is clearly a 'cool vintage hat'. Not only am I stylish. I am psychic.

Song #4: The Flaming lips "Yoshimi battles the plastic robots"

This is one of my favorite albums of all time. Great from beginning to end. Their aesthetic is lots of fun. Their stage shows are insane. I was looking for images and I came across this tattoo! I'm really mostly posting it for my husband because this song has special significance to us and I think he would dig this:

And Finally song #5: K'Naan "Fatima"

K'Naan has a AMAZING sense of style. He's a rapper who came from basically Hell(Otherwise known as Mogadishu Somalia) So he's not really that concerned with having a big ass chain. His rhymes are extremely witty and I think he's a great writer. Yup. VERY VERY stylish indeed.

On a side note: How beautiful are Somali Women?!? Sooo beautiful. I can remember growing up and seeing pictures of Iman and thinking that she was stunning but I really never knew anything about Somali people until I was much older and what do you know? ALL OF THE WOMEN ARE THAT BEAUTIFUL! Bananas.

Alrighty. This was fun! Maybe more fun to write than read but whatever-we'll see.

I'm really hoping that people will start to post comments. What do you think about my blog so far?.....anybody?


  1. I think it's awesome-and not just sayin' that coz I'm your hubby (if it sucked, you know I'd tell you, lol).
    Wu Tang forever!

  2. Hi Onika! Thanks for visiting my blog... I think yours is coming along just fabulously, and this post is great! It gives me a deeper sense of who you are through the music you like and the way you describe the artists (oh, and I totally agree about Rihanna... gorgeous woman who wears some very ugly shit).


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