Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I have been feeling not-so-nice for a little while now. It started whith a cold and has now morphed into some weird self-esteem thing. Nothing fits properly. I have this magical fantasy perception of what my body was like before I had my son. In my mind, I had this perfect body with no bulges or bumps that would fit into whatever jeans I wanted. I know that this is my mind playing tricks on me. In reality, my body was pretty much the same as it is now-with a few key differences. The most noticable of which is my BUTT. Shopping isn't as fun because I have these strange expectations and since I will NEVER live up to them, I will continue to get pissed every time I leave the changeroom. Sigh.

Anyway, I'm trying to pick myself up and dust myself off. This week is pretty casual because I am literally the ONLY ONE in my office. Everyone else is sipping eggnog by the freaking fire.

My lovely husband took these pictures of me this morning. I am really going to try and step it up with the photos. I look fine today I suppose. These are pretty much the only jeans that don't make me want to cry. They are 2 sizes to big because I bought them while I was pregnant. They're cute but not very practical due to the super trendy ripped situation. The sweater is adorable and I like this head wrap/scarf thing because it makes me feel like an African Princess.

Anyhoo....I hope everyone had a great holiday. Let's try and get through the winter blahs together!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

That's a Spicy Meatball!!

I call bullshit on the fashion industry 90% of the time but I do looooove Missoni.

I would love to be able to say that this sweater was real vintage missoni that I found in some great little boutique somewhere for $20.

It is not. I got it at Urban Behaviour which is the Canadian equivalent of Forever 21 I think. I have had it for almost 5 years and it never looks dated because it is a copy of a freakin VINTAGE MISSONI! Brilliant. Even though is is venturing into dress over pants territory, I decided that I had to wear it with these bell bottomed jeans to complete the 1970's bohemian rich Italian heiress vibe that I had going on (in my head!)

I really like this outfit. What do you think? Is it sufficiently stylish?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mommy Monday

Hello everyone!

My son started daycare this morning! I'm excited and terrified all at once.
How does this relate to style? You may be asking.

Well, it means that I'll have to wake up earlier in order to make myself look half decent in the morning because I will be dropping him off. I usually have my clothing planned out in my head the night before but now I may actually have to get it out/ironed/ready. Oy. I think I did alright considering I just threw this on last minute. I did not bother with 'Make it work' Monday because there was no room for error today!

Friday, December 11, 2009


I stumbled upon this website that lets you create your OWN HOLIDAY SWEATER! Look at what I made!!!!

It was waaaaay more fun than I thought it was going to be. And I thought is was going to be pretty fun.

and by DIFFERENT I mean.....UGLY.

Hi. I'm' feeling at a bit of a loss for words today.


I'm really into this top. I got it while thrifting. At first, I thought it made me look like I was at a Renaissance fair because of the sleeves-then I changed my mind. I almost never wear my hair up. I always get compliments when I do but I don't really like it. Today I wanted a change and I was in a hurry so voila. When I got to work, my boss took one look at me and started to laugh hysterically and then he said "wow-that's DIFFERENT" Ugh. That's so annoying-when people say something is 'different' when they really want to say 'weird' or 'ugly'. This is from a man who wears purple pleated pants by the way.

Oh Yeah-IT'S FREEZING COLD. I know that Palestinian scarves are "SO TWO YEARS AGO" but there is something about this colour combination that I was loving his morning.

Have a stylish weekend!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Don't get High off Your own supply.

Blogging is so completely and utterly addictive. I usually post new blogs on my PC at work. It's just easier to post a blog without a one year old trying to type 'guest commentary by Kane' while I'm trying to get the blog up. My computer at work has crashed and I have been super swamped so I couldn't even take a break to post were it not impossible....where was I?....oh yes:

I have been away from Blogging/reading blogs for 5 days it has literally seemed like AN ETERNITY.

"Oh No! How will I go on without seeing someone artfully put together a belted cardigan, vintage floral skirt and over the knee boots?!!!

What will people do if they are deprived of my out of focus leopard print pumps?!!! What if they miss my ironic vintage t-shirt?!!!! Oh THE HORROR!!!!!"

I kid.

The moral of this long, poorly written story is that I think I really do love blogging. I love reading all of your blogs and I never want to miss another belted cardigan again :)

That being said, I did wear some cute things in the last 5 days. I was kind enough to put together a montage for your viewing pleasure. You're Welcome.

Today's look was pretty boring. I do really like this necklace.

These are my most favorite boots. I have had them for years and years. I had them before booties were cool and everyone made fun of me for wearing them. I've replaced the heels about 5 times. They make me feel like Apollonia.(10 points for you if you know who that is!)

I wore this on Saturday. I picked up this sweater while thrifting last weekend. It is so adorable I can't take it! I am wearing absolutely NO make up and I'm realising as I look back at the pictures that between the fresh face and the bow in my hair-I'm pretty sure I wore this exact outfit in Kindergarden in 1983! Ha! That's Awesome!

Phew...I feel better now that I've got all that pent up blogging out of my system.

Stay Stylish Folks!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

HTML.....Can't live with it, can't live without it.

Hi. I think I messed up that last post tinkering with the Html code. I am much too lazy to go back and figure out what I have done. Please tune in tomorrow for our regularly scheduled programing.

Heidi was stylish.

Hello all! Today is going fairly well so far. I am wearing this amazing sheer/metallic/floral shirt that I got in the $2 clearance bin at a really nice vintage shop called the Mad Gypsy.


It's a great shirt. It's the most perfect length and it adds just the right amount of glitz to my boring office job :) I did this crazy thing with my hair where I did this big braid and wrapped it around my head. It is very reminiscent of Heidi or some other random 'Swiss Miss'. There is something about this belt that I also love. I got it on saturday before I twisted my ankle while Dining and Dashing -my ankle is almost better now, by the way. It looks PERFECT with this top which is pretty baggy and HAS to be belted. I really like these glasses alot. For some reason they remind of Frank Lloyd Wright-I have no idea why. I was quite conflicted about the boots. I have had these brown, over the knee boots for almost 3 years and I used to loooooove them but now I feel like a bit of a 'trendy Wendy' in them. I am a bit of a snob that way, I admit. As soon as something becomes trendy, I lose interest. In the end, I went with the boots because all of my other options involved heels and Heidi can't wear heels to run around the mountains now can she?!?

I feel super cute and ready to take on the day! I'm going to go Yodel.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oui Oui. Tres Trylish.


Last night , my husband and I went out for our 2nd Anniversary. We went for french food at the cutest little bistro ever. We consumed:

Foie Gras - Salt-cured foie gras encrusted in toasted almond with an apricot-amaretto puree and croissant toast with a glass of sweet late harvest muscat

French Onion Soup

Butternut Squash Soup with Apple and walnut oil

Joues de Bison - Slow-braised, bacon-crusted bison cheeks w/ maple braising jus, heirloom tomato salad & corn fritters (100% local)

Confit de Canard - Tender pan-seared confit of duck legs w/ bacon-spiked cassoulet beans, market vegetables & a tri-citrus veal reduction

Crême Brulée - Vanilla

Absinthe, Malbec, framboise and Bitters made by French Monks!!!

Oh Mon Dieu!!!!!

It was absolutely out of this world. So needless to say, I was feeling quite inspired this morning! My outfit is clearly Parisian in feel.

I love this simplicity of a good striped shirt. Of course I had to keep it sexy with these awesome gigantic hoop earrings. They are my new favorite things. I had a bit of time so I did my eye makeup with a nice classic cat eye. I feel hot! Ooh and I even went with some Chanel inspired quilted ballet flats. C'est Magnifique!!!!

This morning, I checked out one of my favorite blogs Blue collar Catwalk and it turns out we kinda both had the same idea! Anyway, I think today's going to be a lovely day. I love you Manny. I love everyone else too :)
Stay Stylish!

Monday, November 30, 2009

How the HELL is it 'Make it work Monday' ALREADY?!!!?

I feel like my life is one loooooong series of Mondays all strung together. I hate Monday. I always will. Yesterday, I went thrifting with my fantabulous friend Amanda. It was hilarious and fun!....until:

We decided to eat at a Portuguese restaurant across from the Value Village. The food was fine. The waiter was bizarre. Once we finished the meal, we sat around talking and waited patiently for our bill to arrive. It never came. The staff kept walking by us as if we didn't exist. We decided that they did not deserve our money. After much deliberation, we calmly walked out. Once we got out Amanda proceeded to RUN FULL SPEED to her car like we had just shot somebody causing me to LAUGH HYSTERICALLY while trying to run after her in the rain and BAIL HEAD FIRST INTO THE CONCRETE, causing me to twist my ankle. Ha!

My ankle KILLS. It's not too swollen so I'm assuming it will heal. Lesson Learned. Do not Dine and Dash no matter how shitty the service. I have to say that even though I am in pain, it was TOTALLY WORTH IT. Hilarious.

Oh yeah, the clothes! I got some great things for very little dough. This shirt was fabulous and I had to have it but I was afraid that I could not style it without looking like Melanie Griffith in Working girl. It had so much potential that I couldn't pass it up. The neckline is so interesting and it is a nice bold leopard print.

I thought the glasses were a nice touch. I wanted to wear heels but my ankle is EFFED up. I wore brown over the knee suede boots. They looked fine. Whatever. Okay everyone stay Stylish! Bye!
P.S. Karma is a bitch.

Friday, November 27, 2009


Hey. This is what I wore yesterday:

I love it. There isn't much to say about it other than it's awesome. I suppose it's very Gossip Girl isn't it? Just like Mad Men, I've never seen Gossip Girl. And, Like Mad Men it's one of those shows that I'll watch for a few seconds if I'm surfing channels to see what whomever on screen in wearing and then move on. I'm sure Mad Men is a better show but I digress.... Oh and I love these shoes! They were made in the 1950's. Every time I wear them I am afraid they are going to fall apart but they have survived for years. Yay for well made shoes. I'm not feeling particularly talkative today. I'm taking a thrifting trip to Value Village with a friend this weekend so hopefully that will result in lots of lovely things to post next week! Ciao. Stay Stylish.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Style Shuffle 2.0

Hi. Due to technical dificulties, I have no crappy iphone pics for you today so I decided to do a Style Shuffle. This is where I hit shuffle on my Ipod and give my two stylish cents about the artist that pops up! Sounds fun right?! Here we go:

1)Amel Larrieux: Oh My God she is sooooo awesome.

She is very bold and adventurous with her style choices but she doesn't let the clothes wear her. She always pics one really great, huge accessory or pattern as the focus. Gorgeous.

2)The Cure: What do say about Robert Smith?!

Alot I guess. When I was 14 I was completely influenced by darker more 'gothic' bands and espescially their style. I love the Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees and Depeche Mode and The Smiths and Joy Division and all that jazz. Robert smith has amazing Personal Style. He's a total original and he's been immitated by every depressed 15 year old I know.

3)Q-Tip: Oh I love A Tibe called Quest! Q-Tip has been my imaginary boyfriend on many occasion. I am also very influced by 90's Hip Hop stylewise and A tribe called Quest is a great example. They are part of that movement that was Hip Hop but not neccessarily completley 'urban' or 'gangster'. They are a bit more Bohemian and not afraid to say it.

I couldn't really find any great examples of their style on-line but I did find these amazing 'Tribe called quest edition' Kicks that someone can buy for me if you want.

4)Bob Marley: I think if I really sat down and thought about it, I have probably spent more time watching, Listening to or thinking about Bob Marley more than any one else I can think of. Bob Marley is also the most beautiful man I can think of-besides my Husband of course :) Some of my earliest memories involve watching or listening to him with my Dad. He looked amazing all the time. I can't really go on or else this will turn into a Bob Marley Style blog and that isn't really what I was going for. Let's look at some pictures


Wanna know what is not perfect? This:

Look, I don't want to be mean, and I CERTAINLY don't want to offend anyone but I do find it very unfortunate that the Universe has given us something so perfect as Bob Marley but like a cruel joke, this amazing man has inadvertantly contributed the the existence of Hippy Dreads. Were it not for Bob Marley, I probably would not be subject to this patchouli smelling nightmare. There I said it. I'm moving on.

5) D'Angelo: Um...Um....

D'angelo should not wear Clothes.

Alrighty well that was fun! Don't forget to leave comments and let me know what you think!