Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh Duckie, why didn't Andy pick you?!?

I got this shirt a couple of weeks ago at I Miss You vintage. It's vintage Marc Jacobs. Part of the reason I love vintage clothing is that I find these wonderful, well made pieces for the same price as I'd pay for a not so well made not nearly as unique piece at H&M(which I still LOVE but you get my point). Score. I had envisioned it looking a bit more interesting with my rhinestone cat-eye glasses than it actually did but I still love this outfit. I feel like Iona would have worn this to the record store.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No Unibrow but.....

Not the best picture(big surprise!) BUT I am really loving the almost Frida Kahlo vibe I've got going today. It happened by accident but I feel very lovely.

Friday, March 26, 2010


You Guys I'm sorry.....

I know it's been forever but I'm not going to make excuses. I have just been working on other things. Namely myself. I've started doing some guided meditation and I created a vision board and a gratitude journal to get my life and my heart on the right path. I'm waging a non-violent war on my ego monster.

This may or may not be your cup of tea-I have not forgotten that this is a style blog but really I think that 90% of what people see on the outside is still informed by what's on the inside. The ugliest outfit can be fixed by a warm heart and vice versa.

Back to style.....I got some AMAZING new glasses the other day!

It's funny because if you recall, I kind of HATE glasses on me so I also got contact lenses. I LOOOOVE these glasses so much I haven't even opened my new contacts until today. Thank God(dess) for CLEAR VISION-litterally and figuratively.

Love you all! Stay Stylish!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm basically Mother Theresa

Oh the sacrifices I make for my son.....sigh.....I WANTED to wear my KILLER new boots today
(with purple socks!)

This outfit has been featured on this blog before only with a much too short skirt instead of jeggings

HOWEVER..... since I have to lug my little rugrat down a flight of stairs in his stroller holding my gym bag and his diaper bag I figured it might be safer to wear flats. So I went with the much more boring flat boots. I stil feel pretty cute. My hair is working out for me today which is always nice. These pctures are looking espescially bizzare:

P.S Tomorrow is my birthday. Feel free to send shoes.

Stay stylish!