Monday, November 2, 2009

Wow. That was easy.

Hi. When I had my son 14 months ago I was pretty sure that I would be a pudgy lactating machine for the rest of my life. I missed my old wardrobe. I missed having places ot wear my old wardrobe. Time passed and........presto! I'm feeling like myself again. SO DAMN STYLISH. I'm back at work where at least I can put some thought into what I wear every day(even though iI don't think anyone really cares) I am really not sure what this blog is going to turn into yet but I'm going to start by posting my FABULOUS purple situation I've got going on today.

So much fun.....I would take a picture of my whole body but I'm at work and I can't really ask my boss to take a picture of me for my blog can I ?

Shoes-Nine West(Winners years ago)

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  1. Nice to hear you're feeling like yourself again. I say you tell your boss to take a few...maybe you can help him/her with THEIR style, lol.


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