Thursday, November 5, 2009

Men Don't make passes.....

So this is going well I think! A trillon Thank Yous to anyone who has been reading so far. My hope is that people are inspired to take a little bit more time to think about the beauty that is all around you every single day. My son helps me to do that. He's going through a 'WOW!" stage. Yesterday he came running up to me to show me A SHOPPING BAG yelling "Wow, Wow WOW!" The thing is, it WAS a nice shopping bag(shiny black and white Damask-AND it made a fun crinkly sound!) but when you're 14 months old everything is NEW. I recommend going through life like EVERYTHING is new-FOREVER. That sounds rediculous and cliche but I really believe it's true. I've been thinking about what it is that helps one cultivate a sense of style and I've come to the conclusion that it really does have a lot to do with being able to see beauty in the seemingly mundane. It's also has a lot to do with tension and contrast.

"What the hell are you talking about?!?" You may be saying.

Well I'll show you. Take the outfit I'm wearing today for example:

I have always been half blind(not really but you get it)and I have always needed glasses. I have never really liked wearing glasses and so more often than not I opt for contact lenses. I don't have a good reason for hating my glasses other than the fact that I think they make me look less "pretty" which is rediculous I know. Anyhoo....I have 4 different pairs of glasses because I am crazy and obsessed with looking 'just right' at all times. I've had these glasses since I was 19 and I love them. They are sort of an updated cat eye which is such a classic shape and so much fun. I didn't wear them for years and I've just put them back into rotation. I love the contrast of a 'nerdy' pair of glasses with my dreadlocks and tattoos. Or the tension of a 'ladylike' top and bow in the hair with the 'sexy' leather boot and pinstripes. It keeps the eye guessing and makes you look...wait for it.....STYLISH.

Does that make sense? I hope so.

Overall I think this outfit is super cute and sexy in a very subtle way which was my goal. SUCCESS!!!

p.s I have a very high forehead. Eat your heart out Tyra Banks.

Pants-don't remember brand(Winners)
Shirt-H&M(Thrifted from Goodwill)
Boots-Gifted(my sister)


  1. The boots are definitely hot.

  2. Wow, wow, wow! ;)
    You Do have a high forehead (why do you think I was so nuts over Sade, lol) but it looks even higher in the pics. You should let me do your morning photo shoot.

  3. Gorgeous ensemble! The different blues and patterns work together very nicely, and those boots are hot! And from one glasses-wearer to another, I can definitely appreciate a great pair of eye wear, and these are just that. I only have one pair in rotation (and a backup pair that is on the verge of breaking), but I gotta get more. I mean, I have multiple watches, purses, etc., why not have glasses to match different looks??

  4. I really like your shirt :).

  5. I love those glasses - they look like my last pair (which broke, snapped in half!). I love cat's eyes.


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