Friday, December 11, 2009

and by DIFFERENT I mean.....UGLY.

Hi. I'm' feeling at a bit of a loss for words today.


I'm really into this top. I got it while thrifting. At first, I thought it made me look like I was at a Renaissance fair because of the sleeves-then I changed my mind. I almost never wear my hair up. I always get compliments when I do but I don't really like it. Today I wanted a change and I was in a hurry so voila. When I got to work, my boss took one look at me and started to laugh hysterically and then he said "wow-that's DIFFERENT" Ugh. That's so annoying-when people say something is 'different' when they really want to say 'weird' or 'ugly'. This is from a man who wears purple pleated pants by the way.

Oh Yeah-IT'S FREEZING COLD. I know that Palestinian scarves are "SO TWO YEARS AGO" but there is something about this colour combination that I was loving his morning.

Have a stylish weekend!


  1. My hair only looks amazing up when I toss it up... hmmm, tossed up seems to be a theme in my life. Nevertheless, purple pleated pants are just NOT okay and I concur with the title of the blog 150%. and you SOOOO don't look like you are going to a ren. fair. You look amazing as usual.

  2. I meant the facebook title... those who wear purple pleated pants should not throw stones

  3. well he's an idiot because clearly that top is awesome! I loooooove the color, and the sleeves are just darling. screw purple pants man!

    also, I feel like maybe we have the same black coat? what brand is it?? I love how you've layered the scarf OVER the coat... I'm gonna have to try that!

  4. LMAO. I also got the "different" comment when I came in with a new style. Mine was wavy/curly dreads (ala braided and bumped when wet then let down) and they looked lovely thank you very much.


  5. Hey thanks ladies! Chelsea: I got the coat from Mango last winter.

  6. Um, methinks your boss evidently has the fashion sense of a rock.

  7. Love the scarf! I just found your blog today and your style is pretty awesome. How long have you had dreadlocks? Mine are about 6 years old.

  8. Hey thanks for coming to my blog! I've had locks for about 10 or 11 years now I think.


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