Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oui Oui. Tres Trylish.


Last night , my husband and I went out for our 2nd Anniversary. We went for french food at the cutest little bistro ever. We consumed:

Foie Gras - Salt-cured foie gras encrusted in toasted almond with an apricot-amaretto puree and croissant toast with a glass of sweet late harvest muscat

French Onion Soup

Butternut Squash Soup with Apple and walnut oil

Joues de Bison - Slow-braised, bacon-crusted bison cheeks w/ maple braising jus, heirloom tomato salad & corn fritters (100% local)

Confit de Canard - Tender pan-seared confit of duck legs w/ bacon-spiked cassoulet beans, market vegetables & a tri-citrus veal reduction

Crême Brulée - Vanilla

Absinthe, Malbec, framboise and Bitters made by French Monks!!!

Oh Mon Dieu!!!!!

It was absolutely out of this world. So needless to say, I was feeling quite inspired this morning! My outfit is clearly Parisian in feel.

I love this simplicity of a good striped shirt. Of course I had to keep it sexy with these awesome gigantic hoop earrings. They are my new favorite things. I had a bit of time so I did my eye makeup with a nice classic cat eye. I feel hot! Ooh and I even went with some Chanel inspired quilted ballet flats. C'est Magnifique!!!!

This morning, I checked out one of my favorite blogs Blue collar Catwalk and it turns out we kinda both had the same idea! Anyway, I think today's going to be a lovely day. I love you Manny. I love everyone else too :)
Stay Stylish!


  1. love the striped top... very parisian! and the cat eye looks gorgeous :) oh, and those hoops are perfection! you look awesome, girl!

  2. Just as long as you don't love them as much as you do me! ;)
    Love is definitely stylish. Je t'aime!

  3. I WANT TO EAT EVERYTHING YOU LISTED. NOW!!! (You look cute too!)

  4. Love the Parisian vibe. Tres chic! And that lip color looks amazing on you!

    Thanks for the sweet comment!

  5. love the lipstick color on you!



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