Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Don't get High off Your own supply.

Blogging is so completely and utterly addictive. I usually post new blogs on my PC at work. It's just easier to post a blog without a one year old trying to type 'guest commentary by Kane' while I'm trying to get the blog up. My computer at work has crashed and I have been super swamped so I couldn't even take a break to post were it not impossible....where was I?....oh yes:

I have been away from Blogging/reading blogs for 5 days it has literally seemed like AN ETERNITY.

"Oh No! How will I go on without seeing someone artfully put together a belted cardigan, vintage floral skirt and over the knee boots?!!!

What will people do if they are deprived of my out of focus leopard print pumps?!!! What if they miss my ironic vintage t-shirt?!!!! Oh THE HORROR!!!!!"

I kid.

The moral of this long, poorly written story is that I think I really do love blogging. I love reading all of your blogs and I never want to miss another belted cardigan again :)

That being said, I did wear some cute things in the last 5 days. I was kind enough to put together a montage for your viewing pleasure. You're Welcome.

Today's look was pretty boring. I do really like this necklace.

These are my most favorite boots. I have had them for years and years. I had them before booties were cool and everyone made fun of me for wearing them. I've replaced the heels about 5 times. They make me feel like Apollonia.(10 points for you if you know who that is!)

I wore this on Saturday. I picked up this sweater while thrifting last weekend. It is so adorable I can't take it! I am wearing absolutely NO make up and I'm realising as I look back at the pictures that between the fresh face and the bow in my hair-I'm pretty sure I wore this exact outfit in Kindergarden in 1983! Ha! That's Awesome!

Phew...I feel better now that I've got all that pent up blogging out of my system.

Stay Stylish Folks!


  1. 1. The first outfit isn't boring at all! You're wearing my fave color, so I automatically love it, and that necklace adds just the right pop of fun!

    2. Of course you wore booties before they were cool... you are just that freaking stylish :) Apollonia is(was?) Prince's ladyfriend... I didn't Google, I swear :)

    3. The bow, sweater and fresh face are darling. You're adorable!

    P.S. I'm glad you're back! I totally feel out of whack too when I don't get to post or catch up on my faves.

  2. Yay, I got 10 pts! I don't think the first outfit is boring at all; it had a nice casual flare to it-and the boots are definitely hot stuff!

  3. Those boots are too cute and don't jump in Lake Minnetonka (Appolonia!) LOL

  4. i like your boots in your first outfit. and the sweater is the second has the loveliest detailing :)

  5. i love that hairbow! what does your tat say? i love the script.


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