Thursday, December 3, 2009

Heidi was stylish.

Hello all! Today is going fairly well so far. I am wearing this amazing sheer/metallic/floral shirt that I got in the $2 clearance bin at a really nice vintage shop called the Mad Gypsy.


It's a great shirt. It's the most perfect length and it adds just the right amount of glitz to my boring office job :) I did this crazy thing with my hair where I did this big braid and wrapped it around my head. It is very reminiscent of Heidi or some other random 'Swiss Miss'. There is something about this belt that I also love. I got it on saturday before I twisted my ankle while Dining and Dashing -my ankle is almost better now, by the way. It looks PERFECT with this top which is pretty baggy and HAS to be belted. I really like these glasses alot. For some reason they remind of Frank Lloyd Wright-I have no idea why. I was quite conflicted about the boots. I have had these brown, over the knee boots for almost 3 years and I used to loooooove them but now I feel like a bit of a 'trendy Wendy' in them. I am a bit of a snob that way, I admit. As soon as something becomes trendy, I lose interest. In the end, I went with the boots because all of my other options involved heels and Heidi can't wear heels to run around the mountains now can she?!?

I feel super cute and ready to take on the day! I'm going to go Yodel.


  1. Nor could Heidi do so with a still-healingankle, lol. I like the tops design and combo with the belt looks good. I think the glasses look like more magazine editor than architect (too stylish for Frank, lol).

  2. Green with envy over that blouse. What a find.

  3. love that top, belt and boots, Onika! and your hair is glorious... I wanna do that heidi braid wrap, but mine's too short.


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