Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Dress From Heaven

This is such a lovely dress. I love how full the skirt is. I took a risk and rocked it with my fringed moccasins and I think it works. I had a denim jacket on over the whole look which brought everything together but it's really hot in my office right now!

These pictures are crazy. There is a giant window behind me and I think I left the flash on by accident. I actually kind of love the result so I decided against retaking them. I think it makes me look like I'm standing at the pearly gates waiting to get in to Heaven! I think God would say come right in and then ask to borrow my dress! As far as I'm concerned God is a very stylish woman not some creepy guy who needs a shave wearing an ill-fitting robe!

Have a Stylish Weekend!


  1. very cute. i love the belt with it.
    today I'm inspired to start thinking about style again [my 6:15 spin class gave me a boost of energy!]. I might, just might, get on a sewing machine tonight or this weekend... :-)


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