Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh Duckie, why didn't Andy pick you?!?

I got this shirt a couple of weeks ago at I Miss You vintage. It's vintage Marc Jacobs. Part of the reason I love vintage clothing is that I find these wonderful, well made pieces for the same price as I'd pay for a not so well made not nearly as unique piece at H&M(which I still LOVE but you get my point). Score. I had envisioned it looking a bit more interesting with my rhinestone cat-eye glasses than it actually did but I still love this outfit. I feel like Iona would have worn this to the record store.


  1. that blouse is a-freaking-dorable! you lucky lady you. fabulous outfit, just fab!

  2. I love that shirt, it is just too cute. Great blog xx

  3. love the 3/4 sleeve with the oversize collar.
    [i would have picked duckie - blaine was so blaine!]


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