Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Glamourous Life.

These pictures are so funny. I was attempting to look all sexy and whatnot and I just end up looking like a Mommy. A stylish Mommy-but a Mommy nonetheless.

This outfit is ALL ABOUT THE SHOES. I'm really into this whole 'statement sandal' trend. I love a statement shoe. Just keep the rest simple!

Here I am gazing lovingly at the sandals :)

My son was dancing around and it made me smile.

So I decided to dance with him!

He's too cute to resist...

And there you have it-Not as glamourous and I would have liked but still pretty awesome :)


  1. That is sooo sweet, and the shoes are the cutest.

  2. Very cute shoes. I wish I could do high. Just can't.

    I definitely think though, that no matter how great an outfit you have have, if the shoes are off or just sad, ruins the whole thing. Or conversely, like you said, you can have the simplest thing on, but if the shoes are killer, it sets the whole thing off!

  3. awesome shoes! i would fall on my ASS trying to walk in them, but i can look at them lovingly. and your son, SO FREAKING CUTE! he's almost as cute as my niece and nephew (who are the cutest children in the world).

  4. Those are so KILLER shoes! And that little boy of yours is adorable!


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