Monday, April 5, 2010

This old thing? Old dress new blog and a great pair of sandals.

Every year around this time, I decide that I'm only going to wear vintage clothing and I go a bit mental with the vintage purchases. This great thing is, I don't even have to feel guilty about it because I could literally get myself a whole new wardrobe every week for about 50 bucks at Goodwill if I wanted to. There have been a billion blog posts devoted to better thrifting so I will spare you but I'm just saying....If you've never done it, give thrifting a try! Soon I'm going to do a whole post on my favorite thrifted pieces but this beauty is m latest find!

I love love love the print of the skirt and the red sash and the length of the skirt is just ladylike. I felt really lovely all night in this. AND it's actually a dress so it's so easy! just put it on and go! Why oh why did women stop wearing dresses everyday? I'll never understand it.

And now for the opposite of old: Brand spanking new double platform sandals! These sandals are so rediculous that they are absolutely perfect. I think I did a great job styling them with a simple black v-neck and distressed jeans. Yay Me.

Anyway my pets I must get going...what do you love abot this time of year? Has anyone else caught the thrifting bug?


  1. Now those are some platforms for ya!I bet they are a breeze to walk in! Love the hair by the way!


  3. I don't know much about womens shoes, but those are definitely kick-ass.


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