Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm basically Mother Theresa

Oh the sacrifices I make for my son.....sigh.....I WANTED to wear my KILLER new boots today
(with purple socks!)

This outfit has been featured on this blog before only with a much too short skirt instead of jeggings

HOWEVER..... since I have to lug my little rugrat down a flight of stairs in his stroller holding my gym bag and his diaper bag I figured it might be safer to wear flats. So I went with the much more boring flat boots. I stil feel pretty cute. My hair is working out for me today which is always nice. These pctures are looking espescially bizzare:

P.S Tomorrow is my birthday. Feel free to send shoes.

Stay stylish!


  1. Oni I think you are just too fly hunny AND it really worked in your favor today.. you look really keuuute!!!

    I gotta stop by here more often I LIKE it here:)

    Nina Bug

  2. Those shoes are AWESOME!!! (oops, was I supposed to say that... ) Ok, but I could never wear them (does that make it any better?, lol) I like this shirt much better this time around. The last time the tights were really cute with the shirt, but I guess I wasnt feelin the skirt either.

    Happy BDay fellow March baby!!! (my bornday is sunday)

  3. Isn't that what the compartment under the stroller is for - carrying extra shoes? I say you pull a Mr. Rogers when you reach the bottom of the stairs:-)

  4. I LOVETH THOSE GLASSES! I am so into that retro horned rim glasses look! You look fab!


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