Thursday, February 4, 2010

Proud to be Awesome.

I feel effortlessly stylish today. It's all working.

Speaking of Awesome: LOOK AT MY SON!!!!

He's the cutest. He's got TONS of style and he makes me happy which in turn makes me appear MORE STYLISH. It's the circle of life....sorta.


  1. Effortless style is totally working for you :) I am loving the camera pics, btw.

    And your son... so freaking cute!!!

  2. Love that sweater and OMG your son is TOO CUTE!!!! =) his face is seriously gorgeous.

  3. Poor dad, outdressed by his super stylish son and awesome mom, LOL.
    The pics look way better, Hon. :)

  4. You and your son are awesome!

    That t-shirt you have on says it all.


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