Thursday, February 11, 2010

I hate Fashion Designers.

Look....I have MAJOR issues with the fashion industry.I have MAJOR issues with uattainably skinny/ often unhealthy women(and by 'women' I mean 15 year-olds) trying to sell me a $1600.00 tank top. I do however, LOOOOOVE clothing which is why I'm so conflicted about hating the fashion industry so much.

I know it's going sound like I'm just saying this because the poor man just died but I really did almost always love Alexander McQueen's collections. I remember watching his fall 2009 collection...and just gasping at how amazing it was. I was literally speechless.

Every time I see pictures of it I'm still floored.

Not to mention the lobster claw shoe!!!! Oh lobster shoe, How I love thee.

So anyway, Alexander McQueen was super bad ass.

I see that I've acquired a few more readers in the last couple of days. Welcome! I'll try and post a bit more often once I get my lazy little act together. Don't leave me!
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  1. For some reason its the look what sells and the look in everything trendy is young and skinny. That goes across the product board unfortunately.
    Me likes the blog btw.




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