Thursday, January 21, 2010

Feeling Fiiiiiiiine.

I love this outfit and I don't care what anyone says. I think it's one of those looks that I love but other people might not get.

I love the contrast of the metallic vest with the black sabbath T-shirt peaking through. I love te shape of the vest too. I was even having a good hair day(yes I have bad hair days!) the cuff finishes everything off. This is consummate 'Onika' I would have done skinny jeans and booties or something but I had to make it marginally work appropriate.I still love it!


  1. i wouldn't have been able to tell you were in a metallic vest if you hadn't said so...its very subdued {read as: not garish}. i like the look! the silhouette looks right eventhough i typically prefer a very defined waist on someone if they have a very defined waist.

    i want that black sabbath tee! lol

  2. Hey Ms.Stylish,

    Well I must admit, for the first time since reading your blog, I fall into the "don't get it" category. But I also fall into the "do your thing" category. Individuality always works!!


  3. Color-wise, the Black Sabbath tee works better, but asthetically I would've gone with Hendrix-not a psychidelic colored poster pic though, one of the on-stage pics ;)

  4. Nobody should ever apologize for—or even feel they owe an explanation for—wearing a Black Sabbath t-shirt.

    You wear it well, my dear.

  5. Do what you want, girl :) P.S. I gave you an award on my blog!


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