Friday, May 28, 2010

White Diamonds

You may be wondering why this post involving No white OR diamonds is called 'white diamonds'.

I sometimes put together an entire outfit based on a fragrance.

She's so glamorous I can't even stand it.

My husband brought me home some white diamonds last night. What a sweetie. It's the quintessential 80's fragrance really. I think everyone's mom had it. I have a very strong 'smell memory' if that makes any sense. This scent takes me right back to the 80's and makes me think of 2ND wave feminists with shoulder pads and leopard print wrap blouses under their power suits. It's all very working girl.(Not That kind of working girl-the movie!)

I do happen to have this leopard printed wrap blouse that I thrifted a while back and so I decided to rock it with some jeans and my 'mom glasses'. I spritzed on some white diamonds-and Voila!

Have a stylish weekend!

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  1. Kitty has that car that is on your bottom shelf! she uses it for pure mayhem!


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