Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nobody puts baby in a corner!

In case you missed it, my last post was all about my love for an 80's meets 50's vibe. After, I posted it, I realized that I forgot the ultimate 80's meets 50's movie: DIRTY DANCING!!! This outfit that I wore on Saturday is actually pretty boring but it is very 'Baby.' I rocked the HELL out of some cut-off jean shorts in the 80's!!!

Here I am doing my best 'Pachonga" or whatever it's called....Please excuse my crazy hair! I set it in pipe cleaners....it made the MOST AMAZING corkscrew curls ever! I am thrilled. Today's outfit is also very 80's meets 50's. It's a lovely little sundress from the 80's but the great full skirt and the length are inspired by the fabulous 50's. I think baby would have worn this outfit for sure!

p.s. I carried a watermelon.


  1. Those curls are fantastic!!

  2. FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!! I burst into tears when I found out Patrick Swayze died... I feel like I knew Johnny Castle, ya know? And these two outfits are SO Baby.... ie AMAZING. I want that dress so I, too, can carry a watermelon :)

    PS... The hair is ridiculously fantastic!

  3. Great look! Love it all.

  4. awesome look.. I am lovin the dress.. and those curls.. aawwwlll!! perfect!


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