Monday, June 28, 2010

Second time is a charm

Whew! last week was KRAZY. Sneezing and coughing and earthquakes and RIOTING IN THE STREET. Thank Goddess that's over.

On to more important(and by that I mean less important) things:

I have worn this dress once before and I styled it ALL WRONG. It put me off of the poor thing. I put it on this morning with my past styling mistakes in mind and this is soooo much better.

P.S I love my glasses.


  1. Oh my woman! Your dress is BEAUTIFUL! You look outstanding! And your glasses are totally awesome as well. Love this!

  2. Very Spring/Summer chic. ;)

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  4. i love the gold piece.
    pretty and pressed.

  5. How did you style it before? It couldn't have been that bad!


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